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This couple bought a heritage home in the country. What they saw inside the walls shocked them!

Imagine purchasing your dream house: a charming old english heritage house in a picturesque location, a white porch with dainty tea tables, elegant window panes and detailing. All is perfect until you feel this unnerving feeling that something is not right. What they found was scarier than any paranormal mystery they can ever expect. Inside the walls were old and faulty wiring that could have put them in danger without them even knowing it. Alas, many people who purchase old homes face the same predicament: the wiring in the house is as old as the history that comes with it.

As you may know, knob and tube wiring was used all throughout Canada in the 1900’s. While they can be used for many more years, most insurance companies refuse to cover homes with such installments. The hazards brought about by these bad boys are mainly caused by the change in lifestyle, prompting homeowners to install more outlets and circuits by themselves. This is where the safety issues start. Failing to contact a qualified electrician makes the problem worse ninety percent of the time

Another issue is that some homes in Vancouver still have aluminum wiring, especially houses built in the 60’s. These wires can easily overheat and prove to be hazardous. While the proper installation and use of these wires do not post an immediate threat, a lot of cases have been reported. Residential electricians in Vancouver encounter homes who go so long without contacting them for necessary maintenance and repair.

If you are one of the lucky people who landed upon such property, you must take the necessary steps to ensure your family’s safety. The best way to do this is by getting expert electrical services to inspect your home and ensure that all the old wiring are free from damage and shortage. Homeowners must also keep in mind that wiring showing signs of damage and wear must be replaced.

When necessary, schedule for repairs with a Licensed Vancouver electrician. Matters such as faulty wiring can be a cause of fire and other hazards that can be avoided if expert electrician services were availed from the beginning. It is also highly suggested to confirm the safety of your home’s wiring with your local qualified electrician.

So the next time you explore what’s inside your home’s wall, remember that safety always comes first and to always leave the job for the professionals. No horror wiring story is too scary for the experts. So sit back and let the your trusty Vancouver electrician ease your worries. It’s easier to feel at home in your heritage house if you feel that you and your family are safe from hazards that can easily be prevented.

PowerSerge not only provides trusted and proven electrician jobs in Vancouver, it also ensures that each home is a safe haven for each of your family members.

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